Are you ready to attract real dream clients? The kind who will pay your premium prices, adore your design work, and refer all their friends?

It all starts with claiming your design style, creating a professional design workflow, and wowing your clients with a top-notch experience. Dream to Design is your roadmap!



hey stationer,

fully trust

to have confidence that more clients will come each year (rather than fear of how you’ll pay your bills)

to expect dreamy brides to book your highest package (rather than expecting them to ghost)

to send off pricing proposals confidently, knowing you have the experience & quality product to back it up

You deserve to                    
your business


You deserve to                    your business

fully trust

"This course is incredible"

— samantha

Elisabeth has a way of making big concepts and processes attainable and approachable. She’s clear, encouraging, and transparent about her process – which made me feel like I have someone cheering me on as I grow my business.

Increase your prices because your schedule is full

Experience *ease* when it comes to booking ideal clients

Attract clients that love your work and make the design process easy

Create a workflow that is professional and organized (so you get alllll the client referrals)

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life

If you want THIS to be the year that you finally...



Dream to Design

An introductory design course that will show you the way to building a successful and profitable event stationery business


The extra step that takes me 5 minutes and doubles my booking percentage (that most stationers forgo)

How to price your packages for profit to ensure your business is financially sustainable

How to communicate the value of your package to increase conversion rates

How to set up your design process for success (and avoid a zillion revisions)

Specific questions I ask on design consultations (and more importantly, the ones to avoid)

How to create a luxury-market-level experience from the start 

Here's What You'll Learn

Foundations of Design

Before Booking

part 1

part 2, module 1

Learn my process for designing stationery in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Access to custom artwork, so you can build a suite from scratch alongside me throughout the lessons

Create floral arrangements, custom monograms, crests, work with watercolor venue illustrations, line art, and so much more!

Walkthrough my process for creating envelope liners, wax seals, vellum gatefolds, and all wedding day paper pieces

Designing the Suite

part 2, module 3

Core concepts you need to know as a stationer (especially if you don’t have a degree in graphic design)

How to source artwork for your designs (even if you can barely draw a stick figure)

Exactly what you need to know to use Adobe to create stationery (without feeling overwhelmed by everything else Adobe can do)

How to ensure your process is legal (let’s avoid a copyright infringement 😬)

Enough design templates to fill a swimming pool (save them, and start playing!)

Planning for Design

part 2, module 2



Proofing & Production

part 2, module 4


How to present proofs to your clients like a true professional (and get them feeling all kinds of excited about the designs 🥰)

The proper way to export files for print (and how to save yourself lots of $$$ on reprints… I learned this the hard way - thousands of dollars later… 😅)

My exact ordering process for each part of the suite (with my favorite wholesale vendors and exclusive promo codes to save you 💵 on your first order)

PLUS, a behind-the-scenes look at my Dubsado set up, so you can start off with a top-notch client experience.


How It Works

& claim your glass of champagne in our private community

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the course content (don’t worry, we’ll all be here to support you along the way)

dive into

when you start getting those *dreamy* client inquiries filling your inbox


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7 payments of $97

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"This course was life-changing for me."

Dream to Design has built my confidence to become a successful stationer. Elisabeth goes into such incredible detail, I truly couldn’t believe how much she was sharing with us and how open she is about everything. It’s clear she wants us to be just as successful as she is. After taking the leap of faith and enrolling in her course, I couldn’t imagine learning from anyone else. 


what our students are saying


"This course is PACKED full of info"

This course is very comprehensive and PACKED full of info. With a support group that is amazing and responsive. Elisabeth always comes through to answer questions, along with other members who may be further ahead in their journey. It is a great value, and is going to be a wonderful addition to my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this course again!


artist & calligrapher

"At times I was shocked by how willing she was to share the secrets to her success!"

Dream to Design was exactly the boost I needed to get started on my stationery business. It is welcoming to stationers at all levels, thoughtfully made, and infused with so many tips and lessons that would take years to accumulate on your own through trial and error. Elisabeth’s passion for stationery and for helping others succeed is so encouraging and I really appreciated how honest and open she was with every area of her business. At times I was shocked by how willing she was to share the secrets to her success!



don't wait to find out what's possible for your business.

A year from now,
you will wish you started today...

I'm Elisabeth

And I educate calligraphers, artists, and aspiring stationers (just like you!) how to build a profitable, thriving stationery business.

I built my multiple six figure stationery business from the ground up. With zero background in graphic design, art, or business, I bootstrapped my way to the top of a competitive industry. 

I’m here to encourage you and remind you that if I can do it, so can you. I’ll say this many times throughout our journey together, so let me start now: there is space for you. 

you don't have to be special to do this. you just have to be committed.

hey there

From Etsy Shop Side-Gig to $300k/year

Etsy Shop Side Gig


Local Wedding Signage


Focus on Stationery


Invest in Growth


16-20 Hour Work Weeks







Let me help you get there

here's a quick visual of my journey...

per month

per month

per month

per month

per month

Save big on your next orders (digital print, letterpress, foil press, and more!) by using my exclusive discount codes and freebies promised by my top vendors. 

Discount codes & freebies from my favorite vendors!

print shop




Lesson 1: Finding Your Style

Lesson 2: Color Theory

Lesson 3: Typography 101

foundations of design

part 1


course syllabus


Lesson 4: Adobe Crash Course

Lesson 5: Sourcing Artwork

Lesson 6: Print Methods


Lesson 1: Design Boards

Lesson 2: Pricing & Client Budgets

client processes

part 2


Lesson 1: Design Timeline

Lesson 2: Sample Kits

Lesson 3: Design Consultations

Lesson 4: Working with Artists


module 1: before booking

module 2: planning for design


Lesson 1: Design the Invitation Suite

Lesson 2: Design Embellishments

Lesson 3: Design Wedding Day Paper


Lesson 1: Creating Mockups

Lesson 2: Proofing in a CRM

Lesson 3: Exporting Files for Print

Lesson 4: Production & Placing Orders


module 3: designing the suite

module 4: proofing & production


bonus lessons

extra, extra!

Save the Date Design

Stationery Etiquette 

Data Merge & Envelope Addressing

iPad Venue Illustrations

Q&A with Czar Press

iPad Venue Illustrations

Q&A with Czar Press

Save the Date Design

Stationery Etiquette 

Data Merge & Envelope Addressing

Julie is one third of the Educate Empower Encourage team of luxury wedding planners. She's going to share her insights into luxury design trends in stationery & share all her tips for becoming a luxury wedding stationer.


julie with e3

Luxury Trends

Cait is the queen of Dubsado workflows! She works with clients 1-1 to help them set up their Dubsado forms, automations, and workflows. She is going to share best practices and answer all your Dubsado questions!


cait potter

Dubsado Workflows

Tam is a watercolor artist who specializes in home portraits, venue illustrations, and pets! She is incredibly talented and I can't wait to have her join us for a call focused on creating watercolor artwork!

tamara, grace notes

Watercolor Art

learn from the best

Erin is a calligrapher and engraver who works directly with clients & also partners with other stationers for calligraphy services. She will be sharing her knowledge through a private Q&A session!


erin, nob hill jane


Mandy is a surface pattern designer who has mastered the art of using Procreate and digital iPad skills to create beautiful pieces. She's going to answer all of our questions regarding ProCreate and share her best practices!


amanda grace designs

iPad Art + ProCreate

Lissie is an artist, designer, and expert at merging the two. She has an entire course on mastering the process of digitizing fine art - this session is going to be full of golden nuggets as Lissie shares her wealth of knowledge with us. 


lissie teehee

Digitizing Artwork

In addition to the 20+ lessons included inside Dream to Design , you'll be invited to private coaching calls with these industry-leaders. They'll teach you all about a specific topic in their zone of genius!

i'm ready to enroll!

Try the course for a week. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I know that big investments can be scary. Sometimes we feel like we're taking a huge risk trusting someone we don't really know. I've been there. That's why I'm including a money-back guarantee. 

I believe so deeply in this course, and I don't want you to feel any RISK here. I'm willing to BUY the course back from you if you don't find it helpful for your business. 

money back 


student success stories

Now has the freedom to stay home with her kids and create more beauty for the world

"Last year, I enrolled in Dream to Design and I can't express enough gratitude for the knowledge gained. It empowered me to launch Mimi Studio shortly after completing the course. Since then, I've been blessed to work with so many talented vendors and clients. I'm enjoying every moment of being a wedding stationer!"


dream to design alumni

Went full time 3 months after enrolling in Dream to Design

"I was a part of Dream to Design, and said at the time that my goal was to quit my 9 to 5 and take my stationery business full time. Well friends... I'm excited to share that TODAY is actually my first official day of self-employment 🎉 I'm celebrating over here today!


dream to design alumni



What's included in the course?

Lifetime Access

With lifetime access, you can revisit the lessons as much as you need

Video Lessons

More than 20 video lessons with closed captioning and video search capability!

Over 5o pages of INCREDIBLE value. Activities, checklists, guides, and so many resources

For guidance, encouragement, and coaching to accompany your learning

Join our private community (not on Facebook!) where you'll meet all your new stationery biz friends

Course Workbook

Live Q&As with Elisabeth

Private Community

A vendor guide with a list of my most-used stationery product & printing vendors. Includes vendors in Canada, UK, Aus, and Ireland

Vendor Guide

You'll get a library of licensed watercolor artwork my Sami Mancini to use in your designs

Licensed Artwork

You'll get access to six interview replays with industry experts

Expert Interviews

No more second-guessing your pricing. I'll walk you through pricing your work fairly and profitably

Pricing Calculator

You'll get access to a template library with plug & play designs for invitations, envelopes, wedding day paper, and more!

Template Library


Let's Do This Thing!

This     for you if:

You are ready to roll up your sleeves and reach those BIG time goals of yours

You are an advanced stationery designer with lots of experience

You are craving an improved workflow that attracts higher budget clients

AND you already have a design process that works perfectly

You want coaching and refining of your designs to draw in a more luxury wedding clientele

It's probably       for you if...

and your books are full & you're not looking for further growth



It's probably
for you if...

3 payments of $197

enroll now!

one payment

enroll now!

select the plan that works for you:



most flexible

most popular

7 payments of $97

enroll now!



Will I have immediate access to the course content?

Yes! This is a work-at-your-own-pace course. You’ll receive immediate access to the entire course, many bonus lessons, and the private (non-Facebook) community 🙌🏻

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have lifetime access to the course content?

Yes! For as long as the course exists, you will have access to it. 

Is this course beneficial for stationers outside the US?

Absolutely. All of the course content is useful for designers anywhere in the world. Some of my vendors do not ship outside the US, but I share alternative options that ship internationally. 

Is this course only for wedding stationery designers?

I have dabbled in all kinds of stationery, and have found wedding stationery to be the most lucrative and able to support my lifestyle as a full-time income. However, the skills you’ll learn in this course (in Adobe specifically) will allow you to create all kinds of stationery - from greeting cards to notepads, party & event stationery, wedding day paper & signage, etc. I’m all about multiple streams of revenue! 

How much does the course cost?

The cost is one payment of $497 or three payments of $187. What is the cost of NOT joining? Probably a lot more!

What equipment or supplies do I need?

In order to get the most out of this course, you will need a working computer and access to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. 

Is this course only for newbies?

The course is designed to walk through every single step of my design process. From initial communication with new leads through design calls, sourcing artwork, designing suites, proofing, and production. If you are an established stationer, but could use support and fine-tuning in any of these areas, the course is valuable for you. Feel free to email me with specific questions about the content! 

Is the community hosted on social media?

No! After polling my audience, it was clear that you all would prefer to have a more intimate, business-focused community that doesn't require you to be on social media. Our private community is hosted in a platform called "Circle" - it's very user-friendly and our past students LOVE it!

Do I need to be an artist or graphic designer to take the course?

NO! I am a self-taught stationery designer. I am going to teach you how to create beautiful designs by sourcing artwork created by other artists. You do not need any artistic skills OR a graphic design degree to be successful. You'll even get artwork included in the course resources!

Which Adobe software are you teaching in this course?

We will step into Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop throughout this course. I will walk you through my design process, which is mostly completed in InDesign. 

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Reach out to my team. We can answer your questions directly or connect you with a course alumni who can help you make the best choice for you. 

Still on the fence?