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    Are you struggling to grow your stationery business?

    I've been there. In fact, I spent years running my business as a "little side-gig" and working my 9-5 before I realized how capable I was. Before I realized that I could actually work for myself, have so much freedom, and make more money that I ever had before.

    As a former teacher who started from scratch and grew my stationery business to multiple six-figures, I am here to be your guide and show you the way. It doesn't have to be complicated - if you're willing to work, the reward is there for you. 

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    "No one else will help you, guide you, and cheer you on like Elisabeth and her team."

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    - jan

    "Elisabeth did exactly what I'm looking to do and is gracious enough to share a piece of the pie with whoever is willing to put in the work."

    - catherine

    Elisabeth is the ideal instructor with a wealth of knowledge. I absolutely loved learning from her!

    - tori

    I'm Elisabeth

    And I educate calligraphers, artists, and aspiring stationers (just like you!) how to build a profitable, thriving stationery business.

    I built my multiple six figure stationery business from the ground up. With zero background in graphic design, art, or business, I bootstrapped my way to the top of a competitive industry. 

    I'll be your guide in helping you reach those BIG dreams and goals. Both in your business and in your life - I'm talking freedom of time, money, and creativity. Being a stationer is as dreamy as it sounds - I'm here to help you experience a life of freedom.

    you don't have to be special to do this. you just have to be committed.

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    From Etsy Shop Side-Gig to $300k/year

    Etsy Shop Side Gig


    Local Wedding Signage


    Focus on Stationery


    Invest in Growth


    16-20 Hour Work Weeks







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    This free resource created for new and aspiring stationers will give you the motivation and a few tools you need to kickstart your journey as a stationer with a little FIRE under you 🔥

    Getting Started as a Stationery Designer

    • 3 things that hold back most new stationers
    • Glimpse into my journey from Etsy shop side-gig to full time stationer
    • The first steps you should take to starting & growing your business

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    This vendor guide is the holy grail for stationers & artists looking to expand their offerings. It includes all of my top vendors in every category! PLUS you'll get several discount codes including a $25 credit to my print shop.

    vip vendor guide

    • Learn where I source all materials for my stationery business
    • A full international vendor page with vendors all over the world
    • Only $47!!! The best priced vendor guide for stationers on the market

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    If you are ready to grow to new levels and are looking for coaching that is catered to YOU and your needs, let's chat! I only take on 3 private coaching clients at a time.

    1-1 private coaching

    • Bi-weekly calls to touch base on your business needs and growth 
    • Private Voxer channel for daily check-ins & conversation
    • Access to all of my courses and resources

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